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Steps to Proper Mould Remediation

For years, mould has had an undeserved reputation as the bane of homeowners and renters everywhere. However, mould is actually a normal part of our environment and not necessarily something to be feared. The key is taking proper steps towards mould remediation in order to ensure your home or workspace remains safe and healthy. This […]

Benefits of Mould Inspection

Mould inspection is one of the most overlooked yet important aspects of any property maintenance routine. It is possible to identify mould growth and take the necessary steps to prevent further damage before it becomes a more serious problem. When it comes to mould, prevention is key. It can be an expensive problem to fix […]

The Main Causes of Black Mould

Black mould, also known as Stachybotrys chartarum, is more than just an unsightly spot on your walls or ceilings. It’s the uninvited, fun-spoiling guest that could potentially ruin your health party! Exposure to black mould can cause an array of health problems, including allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and in severe cases, harmful neurological effects. In […]